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Vela Garška bay

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At the anchor

Vela Garška bay

Visited in the Summer 2021

Safe, convenient anchorage. 

Open to the South but it still could be safe enough (but not pleasant) as it is protected from big waves by Pakleni archipelago. Something we are not eager to test. So, better move to the E corner of the bay. 

There is something for everyone. Moorings in the W corner in front of the restaurant are free if you eat there. If not, you can anchor wherever you want. 

Sand & grass bottom mixed with pebbles which shouldn’t be a problem for a good anchor.  Anyway, give your best to drop the anchor in the sand. That way your anchor will hold better and make less damage to the nature. It is quiet deep as soon as you move 10m from the shore line. 8-15m.

Clear water. 

Not too noisy as there are no daily speedboat visitors. (At least when we were there)

Free anchorage accept W corner. 

Good internet

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Very nice surrounding.

The dirt road leads from the tavern Mareta all the way to Hvar. Shortly after about 100m an animal farm with a few donkeys and lots of deer.

Walk to Hvar is possible, but a little too far. Almost 5km. Bicycle would be better option. Anyway, it’s nice to stretch your legs and at least get to the top of the hill and enjoy the beautiful view and sunset.

About Hvar.

Hvar is well known for its very mild Mediterranean climate. The average of 2718 hours of sun in a year makes Hvar the sunniest island in Europe.

This kind of unique harmony of magnificent nature, architecture and rich history is rather hard to find in the rest of the world. 

So, it is very popular and overcrowded tourist destination. Prices in Hvar are sky rocketing so be careful if you decide to eat there. We can recommend visit to the fortress as the view is magnificent. 

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