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Potkujni bay

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At the anchor

Potkujni bay

Visited in the Summer 2022

Great buoy field (20KN/m), clear water. Good protection from all winds except SE. But even in moderate SE wind, it offers enough safety. 

Good holding in the sand bottom. In case of bad forecast, check your anchor. As everywhere in Croatia, some parts of the  bottom are rock, covered with a thin layer of sand, so it could be deceiving. Dropping enough chain is of crucial importance in bad weather.

When we were there, all buoys where busy, so we anchored about 50m from the last one. On some places, concessionaire still charges even when buoy field is full and you are on the anchor. But here, guys just tolerated us and we didn’t have to pay.

There is a trail, leading from the far end of the bay to the village of Unije. Great view from the top of the hill and charming little village. Couple of restaurants, minimarket, bakery and post office. 

Buoy field 

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