LuČice bay

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At the anchor

Lucice bay anchorage

Lučice bay

Visited in the Summer 2020, 2021

We don’t like overpriced marinas and buoy fields so we always look for free anchorage. 

West and middle part of Lucice bay are marked as a buoy field but no buoys in the middle one so anchoring is free.

 Send bottom and quiet deep – about 9-12m. Anchor is holding well.

 It is very nice and safe anchorage but open to South. Because of the land configuration and trees which are growing very close to the water, I guess, it might be OK in all winds but that we have to check. For now, in case of S wind directions  stay safe and look for a better place. 

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Milna - Brac

Lučice bay and Milna village

The walk from Lucice bay to Milna takes about 35min. 

Milna or as the Venetians called it “Valle di mille navi” (the bay of a thousand ships) is located on the north-west side of the island. The welcoming bays of Milna have always been favourite port to sailors sailing through the Middle Adriatic. Milna is still reputed as the most beautiful and the safest harbour of Brač. 

There are beautiful stone houses along the long coastline. In the middle of the village is  Baroque church with a typically Dalmatian bell tower. The interior of the church hides impressive works of Venetian masters.

Milna was well known for its shipbuilding and the renowned Dalmatian boat “bracera” was first made here. Today, Milna is a popular tourist centre and a favourite nautical port..

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