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Stupica mala

Summer 2021 update

Unfortunately, buoy field is under concession again so anchoring is not possible.

Visited in the Summer 2020

We had some controversial info regarding buoy field so we decided to check on it. It paid off. No buoys.  This bay looks very nice for all winds. If you manage to anchor all the way to the end, close to the small peer you should be safe even from strong S (but, not tested jet).

Send bottom, 8-12m deep. Steep close to the shore so it suddenly gets shallow.

We anchored all the way in. It happened that we dropped anchor in 5m at the top of  concrete block used for former buoy field. I fixed the rope to the block and got best possible anchor. It is deep enough for bigger boats as well. Any boat up to 10-12m should be ok on this spot. 

Very poor internet. You get good connection from the nearby hill.


Žirje Island is the furthest and the largest island in the Šibenik archipelago.

There are no hotels on the island and a limited amount of private accommodation so, it is perfect place for relaxing, quiet vacation. Most of the crowd you can find in konoba Stupica in Stupica vela bay. There is a big, protected buoy field which is always busy. To get buoy there, you have to be very early.

We anchor in Stupica mala bay as there is no buoy field.

There is a dust road to  „Stupica Vela“ and from there a road to the village Žirje and Muna bay – ferry harbour. We found it very interesting. 

Very nice hiking and stunning views

 You can see remnants of a late-Hellenic fort erected in the 6th century, traces of other ancient defensive structures around the island as well as some from 2. WW and Yugoslavian army. Island had an important role in defending Šibenik and naval corridors in this part of Adriatic. 

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