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At the anchor

Rogoznica - buoy field

Visited in the Summer 2020, 2021

We were pleasantly surprised. Price of the buoy field is really acceptable. We paid 112,00kn (stop in the city port and water included). 

It is very safe and protected from all wind directions.  

 We had a good experience with the staff. The man was very pleasant and full of useful information. He also took our trash.

Internet is good.


Rogoznica pier


Rogoznica was a good choice. Perfect place to stock up on food and water. Especially fresh vegetables and fruits. The market and supermarket are very conveniently located just a few meters from the water, so it is easy to take groceries on board.

The old town center is located on the island connected to the mainland by a bridge.  There are many nice restaurants with fair prices.

Dragon’s Eye

The lake Dragon’s Eye with the sea water is located at the Gradina peninsula. The lake is considered to be a natural bioreactor with biochemical processes. 

Irregular in shape, measuring approximately 10,000 m², the lake is surrounded by vertical cliffs height of 4 to 24 meters above sea level. The bottom of the lake is sediment with a maximum depth of 15 meters near the middle of the lake.

 People in Rogoznica believe in the legend of the dragon and the brothers who had a fertile field at the site of the lake and yields supposed to be fairly shared. One of the brothers was blind and warned his brother to be fair in future. Otherwise, if he cheats, the land will be invaded, the field will sink into the water and out of the water will jump the dragon that will devour him. But the brother didn’t listen and the curse was realized. The dragon swallowed a dishonest brother. Since then, the dragon settled in the lake and its breath poisoned the creatures in it. When the lake changes its colour, people call it ‘awakening of the dragon’.

 The inhabitants of Rogoznica swim in the lake, the kids jump from the rocks, and some believe that the lake has beneficial effects on health. Be sure to visit it and take a jump if you like.

The Best Experience Ever

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