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At the anchor

Artatore bay

Visited in the Summer 2020

This is good big anchorage with many options. It is protected from all directions except S. But it still might be ok in some parts of the bay. We anchored there in strong NE (Bura). Because of the island configuration, strong gusts were coming from time to time from various directions.  Nothing special but unpleasant. Water very calm so no problem for the anchor.  – NO BUOYS except few which belong to the restaurant so if you eat there buoy is free. 

It is 5-10 m deep depending how close to the shore you like to anchor. Good holding in sandy bottom.

Short walk on the shore and you have couple of restaurants and small market.

Good internet cover.


Artatore - Cunski

While anchored in Artatore bay

Sailing is nice, swimming and snorkelling too – but there is something special in paddling from the Darling toward the land and hiking, trekking or just walking the inland of a certain island.

Because the sea temperature was quite low for Bob and me to snorkel, we  decided to explore the land above the bay which seemed interesting  – some small village was visible on the hill and we read that the Artatore bay was famous by its restaurants.

Higher we walked the view was better and better. Following the white forest road we came to the main road which connect Veli and Mali Lošinj. Just across the crossroad there was a village Ćunski. It didn’t fascinate us, but there were some „highlights“ – like a bra hanging in the window or a cute Poodle dog looking through the window of some other house.

There is nice viewpoint on the way back to Artatore from which the town of Mali Lošinj was visible as well as bay with sailing boats anchored. In Artatore itself both restaurants were opened ( Eki and Artatore Janja) as well as a small market, no matter that it was a national feast and nothing was supposed to be opened.

There was one more „highlight“ banch with wi fi free point, close to the beach.

The Best Experience Ever

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Dana & Bob
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