island Olib
Južna slatina bay

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At the anchor

Island Olib

Visited in the Summer 2020

Olib is quite different from other islands on the Croatian coast. Low and sandy.

 Juzna Slatina is not much of a bay but offers surprisingly  good protection from N and W.

 Sand bottom is mostly mixed with some small stones and patches of grass here and there. Just look for sand only and anchor will hold well. Južna Slatina bay is very big shallow area 3-5m deep so even if anchor moves it will not move far.

 Water is nice and clear but not much sea life. Not much  on the shore as well. Pebble beach and lot of seaweed.

 We had medium N wind for part of the night and we felt safe. Land is very low but protection is still good and no waves at all. S wind – run away

No buoys – good internet

The Best Experience Ever

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Dana & Bob
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