Siroka uvala

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At the anchor

Visited in the Summer 2020

This is one of our favourite islands. Huge, safe anchorage but open to South so in case of “Jugo”, run away to Zapuntel channel or to the North side of the island to Kosirača bay.

You can anchor literary anywhere. Send bottom, 5 – 12m holds well. 

Most of boats will anchor on the NE side, just before the pier. Actually, everyone just ties the rope to one of the concrete blocks which are lying in that area. If you can dive 3 – 4m that will be the perfect spot. If you still want to anchor better look somewhere else as boats there are too close and no space for boat on the anchor to spin around. 

No buoys and good internet.

Around Ist

Ist is very interesting island and charming village. Perfect for nautical tourists. No cars, couple of minimarkets, few nice restaurants, good food, popular prices, magnificent view from the top of the hill “Straza” (174m) and great free anchorage. 

We had dinner in the restaurant “Lako ćemo”. Afordable prices and  good “ćevapi”. Contrary to some comments on Trip advisor, we where happy with food and service. Some guests have complain on the service which we understand, but you have to accept that island people have specific mentality and you should enjoy the difference. Otherwise, what is the point of traveling?

Island is in the shape of the butterfly and village is in the middle. There is just about 500m from Široka uvala to the Kosirača bay on the other side.

You shouldn’t miss a walk to the Straža hill as the view is well wort the effort.

The Best Experience Ever

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