Ruda bay

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At the anchor

Ruda bay

Visited in the Summer 2020

We enjoyed Ruda bay very much. NW part we found the best protected from N and W winds.  7 – 8m deep send bottom is holding well. 40m of chain and lend lines to N shore.

 In case of strong Bura, gusts are hitting from various directions but water is very calm.

 Some swell coming from S  was rocking us all night. I even liked it.

In case of S wind just use E part close to the beach. Should be OK but it is not tested.

There are many caves and small gavel beaches on the island, mostly close to Ruda bay. Clear water and nice snorkelling.



This time we didn’t go for tracking so here is just some basic information about the island Vis.

Vis is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland.

The unspoiled beauty of the island is quite rare nowadays. Tourists are crawling everywhere.

Due to its strategic location on the open sea, it served as a military zone for many years so it never developed a tourist industry. When Vis finally opened for business in 1989, visitors were pleased to discover that its natural beauty remained intact. Much of the island is devoted to vineyards. 

The Best Experience Ever

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