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Sv.Fumija bay

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At the anchor

Sv.Fumija bay

Visited in the Summer 2019, 2021

Large, safe, convenient, free anchorage.

There are many options and wherever you drop the anchor it will be good. Depending of your boat size you can chose between 3m deeper in the bay and up to 20m around the  middle.

Bottom is soft sand and mud with some patches of grass which you should avoid if possible. Water is clean but because of mud and soft sand bottom it is not transparent except maybe in the morning (if it is calm).

If you want to walk to the old town, better anchor closer to the NE side so you can get to the shore easier. There are many possibilities to tie your tender so there is no problem.

Rab harbour (just around the corner) is very bussie but it should be possible to find a spot on the pier to go for a quick shopping and get your water tanks full. Be ready to pay.

 We prefer to go on foot from St.Fumija and carry whatever we buy. Anyway it is just about 20-25min walk from the end of the bay to the town. You can anchor closer or cover some of the way by dinghy and cut that walk down to 15min.

If you need fuel, you can get it in marina Rab (in the harbour).

Island Rab with its deep coves and clear water is perfect for nautical tourists. You can easily spend a week exploring. 

No buoys 

Good internet

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About Rab

The island of Rab, located in the northern Adriatic, has some of the most diverse landscapes in the region. It has been a popular tourist destination for over a hundred years, but its beauty was already known to the ancient Romans, who called it Felix Arba or “The Happy Island of Arba” – “Arba” being an Illyrian name for the island, meaning “forested”, “green”.

Rab with its deep coves is perfect for nautical tourists so we recommend that you explore other anchorages as well. And there are many.

Even if you anchor deep in the St.Fumija bay, walk to the old town will take only around 20min. You can take a bit longer rout by the sea or one going higher up trough the park-forest Komrcar with its luxurious green crowns of Aleppo pines and other Mediterranean vegetation. This pearl of nature in the immediate vicinity of the town of Rab owes its existence to the vision and diligence of Pravdoje Belija, a forest superintendant.

While strolling through the city, you can still feel the spirit of the past. You can admire beautiful palaces from the Gothic and Renaissance periods, or explore the slick medieval streets and alleys, which are full of life.

During summer season Rab is very busy as it is popular tourist destination. 

You can start  your day with a coffee and  very good ice cream on the St.Christopher square.

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