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Mrtovac bay

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At the anchor

Mrtovac bay

Visited in the Summer 2021

Large, safe, convenient, free anchorage. 

Decent protection from S, W, NW. Open to NE and E.

Sand bottom. In case of strong S wind (Jugo) fix land lines and from N wind you can hide behind islet Ostrica. 

Clear water. Nice snorkelling. We even spotted huge swordfish jumping in the Kaprije channel.

Easy short walk to the village Kaprije and magnifficant view on the way.


No buoys 

Good internet

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360° video

Around the island

About Kaprije

Kaprije is pretty small island with area of just under ten square kilometers. 

The island has only one village – Kaprije where just over 160 people are permanent residents. The islanders are traditionally fishermen as well as olive oil producers and wine-growers.

Kaprije Island got it’s name from the capers that blossom on the island.

Kaprije harbour, which seemingly  provides the best shelter we can recommend only in nice weather. This deeply indented cove, which is also known as St. Peter’s Harbour, is open to the W, NW (Maestral, Tramontana, Pulenat) so not really safe at all. You can moor at the main pier providing berths for around 20 boats, while the same number of vessels can be moored to buoys. No anchoring allowed. 



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