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Blaća bay

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Blaća bay

Visited in the Summer  2021

Blaća bay is interesting free anchorage. It is open to the south, so better to avoid in case of southerly winds.

Sand bottom, around 10m deep in the middle. Quite steep. You have to drop anchor very close to opposite side to be sure it will hold. Closer to the shore, stone and pebble bottom. 

It is very busy during day time as it is popular destination for excursion boats. Late afternoon they all disappear so usually it is not a problem to stay overnight.

Nice for swimming and snorkelling. Clear water. Beautiful colours. 


No buoys 


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Hike to Blaća Monastery

We highly recommend that you pay visit to Blaća Monastery (now museum) and take a guided tour. It is well wort the effort and the price (40hrk).

Museum Blaca is open every day but Monday from 8am – 5pm. (check before you go) 

Hike to the monastery is great experience on its own. It is quiet steep so take a good shoes and don’t forget WATER as it can be very hot. It took us about 35 min. If you like to explore some more (like we did), you can even walk to the top of the hill west from the monastery and enjoy in a spectacular view.

There is only 1 path from the bay to the monastery so don’t worry about getting lost.

The fascinating Blaca hermitage has developed in the 16th century from a stone cave that was its first nucleus, shrine and dormitory for couple Glagolitic monks who fled the Ottomans.

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