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Several payment methods are available including online payment.

If you are looking for optimal way to enjoy and relax on your holiday we highly advise you to take  professional skipper. 

Even if you already have a boat license, hiring a skipper will add to your safety and relaxation time. Specially in a busy season when anchorages and marinas are overcrowded with boats and people, skipper can greatly reduce your stress time by making the right choices.

I am a great sailor and sailing instructor so you can enjoy in a real sailing cruise instead of motoring your way. If interested, you can learn or improve sailing skills.


Claudia JeneweinClaudia Jenewein
10:14 17 Sep 23
Boris is a very experienced and careful skipper. He knew the best places to anchor. We really enjoyed the trip with him and will definitely book him again.
Antoine RemondAntoine Remond
17:49 30 Aug 23
We booked this catamaran and this experience was very enjoyable, thanks to our skipper Boris. Indeed he was a real captain on board. He took us to magnificent places both in coves and in Marinas. He introduced us to restaurants, each more pleasant than the last. Whatever the problem or the desire, Boris was there to solve everything.thanks to him
Alexandra ShaylerAlexandra Shayler
09:00 17 Aug 23
Boris our skipper was amazing! Great at ensuring sailing safety and took us to some of the most amazing places! Will be using him again!!
06:49 27 Jul 23
Very professional team,friendly! You will enjiy whit them !
Yannick HüslerYannick Hüsler
10:37 20 Jul 23
We had the pleasure to have Boris as our skipper on our one week cruise aboard a lagoon 40 catamaran and everything was excellent! From the time of check-in until we checked-out, Boris made sure everything went smoothly. He is a very experienced skipper and as we not only wanted to relax the whole week (which we still were able to do) but also learn more about ocean sailing, Boris was happy to teach us and share his experience. He knows the croatian coast extremely well becaue he has been sailing there for a long time, he was able to show us beautiful spots and locations, that were also less crowded!And lastly, Boris is a super sympathic person and having him on board for the week was also a personal pleasure!Thank you fot ecerything Boris!
Zoltan KarandiZoltan Karandi
07:17 19 Jul 23
This was the first time we spent the summer vacation on a boat as a family. Boris Kovacic was our skipper and guide for a week on the sea. It was very easy to get on well with him. He has a good personality and speaks English well. We could also observe his local knowledge and most importantly his sailing skills. He definitely contributed to the success of our first sailing experience which I rate 10/10.Thanks a lot Boris! I hope we meet again on the sea next yearP.s. pls see a photo he made about my jumping son.
Danica KovacicDanica Kovacic
19:32 16 Jul 23
I think that there is nothing better than reviewing the own husband, not because we share the life, but because Boris has been sailing all his life! And because he's been working in tourism almost all his life - he's polite, nice, strictly and friendly professional Guests simply adore him!From time to time I share the work with him too, as a tour leader or as a hostess on the boat, so from my professional point of view (and I am very objective) I can only say - he's very trustworthy, reliable, punctual, polite, strict, patient and funny!
Sv. Klement


Skipper – BOAT LIDER  LICENSE CATEGORY C  (International licence with included VHF – recognized worldwide).

 All types of yachts up to 30 GT

Catamaran skipper training – completed with “Croatia Sailing Academy”

Not so young, but still flexible and excellent sailor.

 Watersports instructor (windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding)  and base leader (10 years, Maldives & Egypt)  Lifetime experience in tourism and sailing. 

English speaking.

Contact and bookings:

Dana & Bob

Hostess & skipper 

Complete solution at very competitive price

We can make your sailing holiday really special.

All destinations on this page (and many more) are visited and explored by us.

Leave your worries and clothes at home and sail away with us. Enjoy sailing, snorkelling, hiking, local food, quiet evenings and beautiful sunsets…

Our destinations are mostly remote islands and quiet anchorages.

We are experts in sailing and anchoring, always giving our best to avoid main charter routes, overpriced marinas and buoy fields. By looking for quiet, free anchorages, we cut expenses and add to your relaxation time and unique experience. 

Contact and bookings:

Boating Etiquette Basics

Being at the sea gives you a unique sense of freedom, a luxury to wake up in a different place every day, an opportunity to explore hidden bays and coves, and a whole different perspective of the land surrounding you. Some places are just completely different, when you are entering their port and admiring them from the sea. We can all agree that spending your holiday on a sailing yacht is a special and unique experience, different from any ohter type of the accommodation on land. Being on a yacht, is a completely different social environment than anywhere else and carries with it its own set of rules. Whether it is your first time on a sailing yacht or you are an expert, there are some unwritten rules you should respect when onboard, and they are mainly the same despite some differences between different types of vessels


Start your holiday in the right way by understanding that patience and manners go a long way. Etiquette begins the moment you arrive at check-in. We advise our guests to be on time and prepared by having all the necessary documents ready to make the process as smooth as possible. Be aware that during peak season, check-in can be very busy at the counter and for marina technicians. Allow a couple of people to deal with check-in (together with the skipper), so others can get provisions (if there is no hostess) or relax with a drink. If you use a cart to get your gear to the boat, get it back as soon as possible so others can use it too.

Living aboard means that the boat cabin, toilet and kitchen are shared with other crew members. Therefore understanding and tolerance are expected in this boat adventure. From experience, we know that cabins are only used for sleeping. Most of the time, you will spend outdoors on the deck.


You should always take your shoes off before boarding the boat or, if you must, wear soft sole boat shoes.


Understand that water on the boat is precious so use it accordingly , especially the shower. Chances for refilling are often very poor and expensive. The galley and refrigerators are “boat size”, so keep that in mind. Preparing complicated dishes is very difficult, so keep them simple but tasty. Electricity comes from batteries, which are charged by the engine and solar panels (but not on all boats). Do not overdo it with the lighting and the refrigerator.


Cabins on a sailing boat are beautifully designed and equipped for you and your comfort, but unfortunately, not for storage. It is always a precious commodity. We discourage bringing hard-shell luggage aboard as it ends up taking up valuable space. Please bring soft luggage that can be easily folded up.


It is important to remember that the skipper and hostess are there for two main reasons: safety and comfort. The skipper knows the boat’s limits and your safety is always a top priority. Besides your safety, the skipper and hostess want you to feel at home and to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. However, you should treat the crew with respect and understanding. Also, treat the boat itself as your home during your time onboard, keeping things orderly as best you can.


Be careful not to harm marine life. Do not throw cigarette butts or garbage overboard. Whenever possible, use natural, organic, and/or eco-friendly detergents, shampoos, soaps, and sunscreens that are not harmful. Don’t take anything from the sea and don’t walk in the water – swim whenever possible. 


Here, you can find only the prices of our (skipper/hostess) services.
 Other expenses are depending on many factors. For the estimated total cost and more information, please 
e-mail us.

  • Skipper and hostess (package) 280€/day

    Skipper and hostess services at very competitive price. As we are a couple, you save space and money on our accommodation.

  • Skipper only 180€/day

    In case that you don't require hostess services, skipper only option is available.

  • surcharge 30€/day

    For catamarans and with groups of more than 6 people, there is much more work involved, especially for a hostess, so this surcharge will be applied. In case we don't have a separate cabin but have to sleep in the saloon or other suitable areas (depending on the boat), a surcharge might be applied.

This fee does not include meals and water for the crew (either on board or in the restaurant). Your crew can either join you for meals, or allow 20€ per crew member per meal. 


If you are only 1 couple:
Skipper & Hostess package will be – 250€/day
Skipper only – 150€/day

Tipping is discretionary, not compulsory; HOWEVER, it is recommended. A good crew, goes above and beyond to make sure it is your best holiday ever, so a tip is a gesture of appreciation for their hard work. The recommended tip and industry standard is 150 – 300€ depending of size of the boat.

Several payment methods are available including online payment.

Skipper & hostess services - Payment and Cancellation Conditions

We provide skipper and hostess services only.  Any problem regarding the boat must be addressed to the charter company.


After  the booking has been confirmed, the payment is to be made as follows:

  • Reservation – 400€/skipper&hostess or 200€/skipper only  in the period of 7 days after the booking is confirmed
  • Balance – not later than 7 days before the start of the service.             

After the payment of the reservation has been made, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail that obligates us to perform the service. All specifics that are additionally agreed upon will be described in a separate email (which binds us regardless of the description on the page). If payment is not made in full within the requested period (no later than 7 days before the start of the service – as described above) we will not be obligated to the service, which will then be automatically cancelled.


In the event of the Client’s cancellation of the booked services due to any reason whatsoever, he/she shall be obligated to notify “” thereof in writing (e-mail) and, in respect, he shall be charged for amend as follows:

  • If the cancellation has been done more than 7 calendar days prior to the starting date of the service – reservation fee in full 
  • If the cancellation has been done less than 7 calendar days prior to the starting date of the service – up to 100% of the amount paid.  .

The date of the receipt of the cancellation notice in writing shall be the basis for the settlement of the stated cancellation charges.

 Cancellation on the “” side is possible only due to major force (sickness). In that case, we will organise a skipper/hostess replacement for your cruise. You will not be entitled to any cancellation of the services or to demand a reduction of the price. In case that for unseen reasons, we must cancel our service (skipper&hostess), you will be refunded in total.

Several payment methods are available including online payment.

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