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Baldarin bay

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At the anchor

Baldarin bay 

Visited in the Summer 2019, 2021

Nice, shallow anchorage with good protection from all wind directions except strong S and SE. Bush is growing close to the water what indicates lack of big waves, so I guess that it is safe in all conditions.

We stayed here during thunderstorm and medium SE and slept well. Some waves but nothing disturbing. 

You can chose to anchor in depths between 3 to 8m. Bottom is soft sand so anchor is holding very well.

Clear water, nice for swimming. No rubbish and no buildings. There are paths to the nearby camping and village but we had no time to explore so feel free to share info with us if you did. It is possible to swim or walk around SW corner where naturist camping “Baldarin” starts.

No buoys

Poor internet

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