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Naturism - definition

The principal characteristics of naturism as a lifestyle are the practice of nudity together, and the desire to live in harmony with a preserved natural environment. Respect is very important to naturism: respect for others, for oneself, and finally, respect for the environment. Naturism is rapidly expanding practice and attracts more and more varied population. It is a sociable, peaceful, fulfilling lifestyle. The body is liberated, and the mind freed with it. Completely naked, you no longer fear the opinion of others. You learn to love your body as it is, as well as respect the bodies of others. Completely naked, class differences are forgotten and we live in harmony, with serenity and liberty.


Naturism  became very popular in the 1960s.

Croatia (in that time, as part of Yugoslavia) was the first country in Europe to realise the potential of commercial naturist resorts. An article in an Austrian trade magazine in around 1900 mentioned that an official naturist beach had been established on the island of Rab, and 50 beds in the nearby hotel were reserved for naturists. In August 1936 the English King Edward VIII stayed on Rab and he and his wife bathed nude in the bay of Kandarola. That’s why this bay is nowadays sometimes called “English Beach”. Real naturist expansion started in 1960’s when the first naturist camps were opened in Istra and Dalmatia and more than 100,000 naturists spent their vacation in Croatia each year. The oldest naturist resort in Croatia is Koversada and in 2001 it celebrated its 40th anniversary. Today, Croatia is offering a wide range of naturist facilities: beaches, camping, hotels, apartments and bungalow villages. Naturism represents an important factor in Croatian tourism industry. Some estimate that 15% of all tourists coming to Croatia are naturists – many stay in textile resorts and visit naturist beaches or resorts just for swimming and sunbathing. That means over 1,000,000 naturists now visit Croatia each year

Globally, the oldest naturist camp was opened in India, in 1937.

Japanese traditionally bath naked in their natural spas for centuries. Asian tourist destinations were famous by naturist holidaying places.

Belgians, Spanish and Germans were the first in Europe in 18th and late 19th century developing the idea of naturist movement, about life or leisure time spent naked in the nature. Victorian era had also the similar ideas in Great Britain and France. In France in the 14th century there were even naturist communes, in which people used to live and work naked, in accordance with nature, and in total freedom

Sail away with us

Enjoy sun and sea while sailing nude. Objective is to stay in harmony with nature and leave as small footprint as possible. So we use wind and solar power and stay in our most natural from – nude. Our destinations are mostly remote islands and quiet anchorages.


Croatia is naturist friendly country. There are many naturist resorts, camps, beaches…. Anyway, it is important to respect others as well. Nudism is not tolerated everywhere and it is good to know how far one can go. Sailing is perfect way to practice nudity as you are quite isolated and not disturbing anyone.

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Hire us!

We can help you with everything you may need for your perfect naturist sailing vacation.
Recommend good charter company, right boat for your needs, plan your naturist route and be your skipper, hostess and guide.
Complete solution at very competitive price.

 Dana is  your hostess, snorkelling and tourist guide  (French and English).
Bob is your skipper and sailing instructor. (English). Expert in avoiding overpriced buoy fields and marinas. Doing so, we cut expenses and add to your relaxation time and unique experience. 

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Having fun on your holiday is very important, so is it better to spend that time in harmony with like-minded people and similar energy or risk unpleasant situations with a crew you don’t know and might be very conservative when it comes to nudity?

You can have full confidence that we will protect your privacy.


 This is just 1 of routes we like but each trip is different and exclusive depending of your wishes and weather conditions.

Multiply starting points are possible but Pula is convenient because of the airport and many available charters. Marinas Pomer, Medulin and Verudela are the best options.

Please follow links for more information on each destination.

We always recommend 2 weeks cruise but let’s start with just 7 days.

Day 1        Pomer – Medulin bay    Upon arrival, formalities in marina, shopping for supplies and night somewhere in Medulin bay. Dinner on the boat or some restaurant depending of timing and availability.

Day 2       Medulin bay – Unije      Sailing most of the day and arriving sometimes early afternoon. In time to enjoy swimming and sunset with a glass of wine. Dinner on the boat.

Day 3       Unije – Susak – Losinj      2 hours in the morning for short walk to the village Unije. After that, sailing to Losinj (Balvanida bay) with couple of hours stop on the island Susak. Upon arrival at Losinj, swimming, snorkelling, walking to some nice viewpoint. Dinner in “konoba” (if possible).

Day 4     Losinj – Silba     Sailing with a short stop for swimming. Upon arrival, some time for relaxing or swimming and snorkelling. Dinner in the restaurant in the village Silba (about 20min walk)

Day 5    Silba – Ist     Sailing with a snorkelling and swimming stop. Upon arrival walk to the top of the hill with a magnificent view. Dinner in the village.

Day 6   Ist – Losinj  Sailing to the beautiful Tomozina bay. Arrival, early afternoon so you can fully enjoy the pristine, clean water and beautiful colors.

Day 7  Losinj – Pomer    Early start as boat has to be back in the marina early afternoon. You can sleep if you like as you have us to get up and start while you sleep. Stop for swimming on the way.


In 2 weeks cruise we would definitely recommend islands Rab and Goli. Depending of weather conditions and forecast, trip can be tailored in a different order and include some other islands. 

Only time when you have to ware clothes is when on the shore (unfortunately).

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