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At the anchor

Jurjeva Luka bay

Visited in the Summer 2021

Great, safe anchorage. 3 – 10m deep. Muddy bottom holding well. Not good for snorkelling. The water is clean, but due to the muddy bottom, visibility is bad, Safe in any wind direction. 5 min walk to Pasadur. Convenient pier for tender.

Prežba NE – bay

The name of the bay is not marked on the map. Beautiful anchorage. Safe in all winds except NE. Sand bottom. Up to 20m in the middle. We advise anchoring with landlines if you like to stay closer to the shore. 5 min walk to Pasadur. Clear water and great snorkelling.


One of the eleven nature parks and the youngest in Croatia. Thanks to its distant location it was, just as the island of Vis, one of the military bases of former Yugoslavia, and it was closed for tourists for 50 years. It was opened to visitors in 1988. Even today, this place is definitely not the most popular tourist destination and if you like to avoid crowds, it is the perfect location for your relaxing and peaceful summer holidays in Croatia. The island also does not swarm with cafes or restaurants, but you can always find your place for a cup of coffee or a drink, and a place to eat. We loved it.

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